Sky maps are displayed here for various parts of the country on a weekly basis. Morning (4 AM local DST) and evening (10 PM local DST) views are given, showing the Moon, planets, and the brightest stars.  Rising and setting times for the Moon and Venus are provided, along with other planets that are currently visible. The time when the sky becomes dark enough to see stars and planets (End and Begin of Civil Twilight) is also listed in the Venus ephemeris data. Please note that the horizons shown on the maps are ideal, and may not reflect your own situation due to terrain or artificial light sources.
The sky is dazzling, mysterious, and free for the viewing. Enjoy it often!

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This site is primarily geared toward naked-eye viewing, rather than using telescopes.

All maps and data are available via ftp.
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Mars is visible from Sunset to the early morning.

Saturn is visible from Sunset to the early morning.

Mercury is visible after Sunset.

Jupiter is visible before Dawn.

Venus is visible before Dawn.

If you don't live in one of these cities, just select the one closest to you. They are all fairly similar.

New Orleans, LA (south)
Syracuse, NY
San Francisco, CA (west)
Denver, CO (central)
Minneapolis, MN (north)
Atlanta, GA
Charleston, WV (east)

  New maps and data weekly.

  Daily features at Earth & Sky:

  US Naval Observatory weekly sky-watching summary:
  Highly experienced astronomers put things in layman's terms for naked-eye viewing.

  Detailed, interactive sky maps (including constellations) of worldwide locations:   Also downloadable sky map software.

  General astronomy questions? Try Cornell University's "Ask An Astronomer" :   
  Check here to see if your question has been already answered previously.

  Maps and information from Northern Stars Planetarium in Maine.
  Very informative site for Northern viewers from an experienced astronomer .

  General information about constellations from the StarDate Online service, along with useful weekly tips.
  Another fine site for naked-eye viewing.

  Current images of the Sun are available from NASA/SOHO:
  Also at the SDO, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

  Current measurements of the Earth's magnetic field:

 Can you see the Northern Lights? The strength of the magnetic field and your location will determine that.
 Tips for viewing here.
   For current space weather, go here. Or here.
  AUDIO recordings of the Earth's magnetic field from Univ.-Iowa Physics Dept. here.
  Very good background on the Northern Lights here, with information on how they are produced.

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Moon rise/set times for worldwide locations:
To convert GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time, go here.

HELP FILES for this site available here, including instructions on how to use the maps and data.

Also see for general information on sky maps and how to read them.
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Thanks to everyone who has helped make this effort a success by visiting the site. Thanks also to Gail Sand and Vicki McDonald Leppek for their support.   
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Most questions concern the compass rose, and the reversed East and West indicators.
It is not an error. These are sky maps, and the orientation is reversed because it is similar to a mirror image.

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Current maps for 7/13.

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