The outermost circle represents the horizon. You are in the centre, looking upward.
The curved line across the map is the ecliptic, the path which the Sun and planets follow across the sky.
Morning view is 4 AM DST. Evening view is 10 PM DST (Atlanta local time). New maps weekly.

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MORNING:          morning map w/constellations



An ephemeris is a table of astronomical data, such as rise and set times.
See the help files for more information on how to use them.

Ephemeris of Venus

Ephemeris of Mars

Ephemeris of Mercury

Ephemeris of Jupiter

Ephemeris of Saturn

Ephemeris of Moon

Note for ephemeris data: Magnitude (Mag) is the brightness of an object. 
The lower the number, the brighter the object.
To convert GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time, go here.

New moon: 4:24
July 19 2012
First quarter: 8:56
July 26 2012
Full moon: 3:27
Aug 2 2012
Last quarter:  18:55
Aug 9 2012

2012 Sun rise and set table for Atlanta  Times shown are Local Mean Time (LMT) for Atlanta

 Note: the Sun rise/set table has not been adjusted for Daylight Savings Time.

       Equinoxes and solstices:
   Date GMT    Description
2012 Mar 20 5:14
Vernal Equinox
2012 Jun 20 23:08
Summer Solstice
2012 Sep 22 14:48
Autumnal Equinox
2012 Dec 21 11:11
Winter Solstice

Emory Observatory and Planetarium

Atlanta Fernbank Planetarium

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